New Year's Eve
(Shell Shock style!)
This pretty little girl is?
a.  Thinking of a resolution
b.  Modelling her new hat
c.  In love with the Drummer
They came all the
way from Phoenix
just to  see the band!
(Yeah, right!!!)
Even the NW side of town!
Even the U.K!
I don't know about you, but
Pineapples really say "Happy
New Year" to us!
Who in the hell brings a
bowling ball to a New Years
Eve party?   Really!!!
Yes I'm really excited to be here
.Party on!
Oh yeah!! The same to you.
I remember my first drink too!!!
Wednesday, January 4th

We really want to thank everybody who came out Saturday night to Fenderskirts to ring in the new year with us,
Shell Shock Style!

Well, it is now Wednesday and I think that we can all now say, WOW.   What A Night!!!!!    The band is still a
little foggy however....

A special thanks goes out to
Fenderskirts for hosting the best New Year's Eve party that we have ever had the
pleasure to play!   The atmosphere was as festive as Times Square,
only a lot hotter.   The food was great and
the crowd was even better.

We couldn't believe how many people showed up to celebrate with us all.   Special thanks to all of our closest
friends for helping "spread the word" and bringing all of their friends with them.   

As usual, we really want to thank all of the "photographers" who were there capturing the moment.  We look
forward to seeing the photos and adding them to the site.

Thank you all again!!!!
What in the hell are
you looking at!!!
Nothing like A little smooch to
ring in the new year huh?
Can you believe how many great
looking couples there are in this
Show me your hands now mister!
Nothing says New Years like friends & family.
As a matter of fact, I can pour as
fast as you can drink !!
Well, this proves it....
We really were there!!!!
New Mexico too!
Hmmmm, we don't remember this many people!
Frank & Christine. Don't they look happy?