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STEVE SHELL - Guitar, Vocals

Steve Shell has been involved in the Tucson live music
scene for the past
35 years. He has always believed that
the main goal of a bar band is to “entertain” people
rather than impress them with musical expertise.  If you
ever attend a gig, you will always hear him say:
 Steve really does mean this. The crowd’
s enjoyment is really his only concern. After that,
everything else usually falls into place.
Steve was born in Denver, Colorado. Both of his parent
were extremely talented and successful classical
musicians. His Mother played cello, classical guitar and
the viola de gamba. His Father was a violist and was
also a very talented
professional painter. When he was 10, his family moved
to New York City. After living there for 3 years, they
moved to Mexico City. (Yes, he really does speak
spanish.) The Family returned to the United States to
attend his last 3 years at
Saguaro High School in Scottsdale, AZ.
Upon graduation (amazingly enough) he came to
Tucson in 1977 to attend the University of Arizona where
he received his degree in Architecture. It is during this
period where he discovered the joy of playing guitar with
“other people”. He had always played, just by himself or
with a friend. His Mother taught him classical guitar when
he was 8 years old; however, after seeing the Beatles,
Monkees, Paul Reveer and the Raiders etc, he knew
that classical guitar wouldn’t cut it! He learned how to
play with a pick, use steel strings and stand while
playing. That was the beginning of the end.
During the early eighties, and then the nineties and now
Steve has played, (using the term “loosely”). His original
motto was always, “What I lack in talent, I make up for
with hair!” This still probably holds true. Throw in a few
cool clothes, a nice smile because he is having fun, and
there ya have it. Not much else to say.

Favorite Musicians:
Jimi Page                                Freddy Mercury
Stevie Ray Vahaugn               Alice Cooper
Brian May                               Billy Gibbons
Marc Bolin                              Leslie West
David Hasselhoff                    

Favorite Bands:
Led Zeppelin                          Yes
Faster Pussycat                     LA Gunns
Extreme                                  ZZ Top
Queen                                    Bang Tango
Marilyn Manson                      The Beatles

Blood Rock                             Captian & Tenille
Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble

Pop Evil                                   Hail Storm
Korn                                        Mountain

John Amato - Bass guitar, Vocals

I started playing bass guitar at the age of 9 . I would
mow lawns to make enough money to buy Beatles
records. My first band was Atilla and the Huns. We
were the grooviest band in grade school. I started a
band in High School called Stormcenter and we were
together for about five years.
From there I turned pro and joined the band Jade.We
worked for Dick Clark and he  would also emcee some
of our shows. We worked with Chuck Berry and Bo
Diddley, playing venues like the Memphis Music
Festival and the Chicago Music Festival. We were one
of the most successful bands in the Chicago area.
I moved to Tucson and started a band called
Decades. We needed a good keyboard /vocalist so I
called on my good friend George Gardner in Chicago
to come join us. When you read his bio you will notice
we have been playing music together for over thirty
After Decades  I joined the Entire Sonoran Navy and
once again I called on my good friend George to
round out the group. That George is a real band aid.
Well, that brings us to Shell Shock. Steve Shell
started the band after the Navy broke up George And
I were already with Steve we added Chaz about A
year ago and there you have it Tucsons hottest rock
band Shell Shock.

Favorite Bands

Jethro Tull
Josie & the Pussycats
GEORGE GARDNER - Keyboard ,Guitar, Vocals

I began playing keyboards at the age of 9 and guitar
at age 12. My first band was called Atilla and the
Huns, which our bass player John Amato, also played
in. The second one John and I were in was called The
Bright Idea, which was a little more successful (for a
grade school band anyway).
After that I went to a boarding school on the east
coast, where I played in several bands.
When I came back, we formed Storm Center which
was together for five years and was very successful.
Shortly after that, I put together a southern rock
project called The Double Barrel Band, which lasted
about six months.
Years later I moved to Tucson to join a band called
Decades.  We played new country and classic rock -
this one lasted two years.
John and I eventually joined a band called The Entire
Sonora Navy, which later became Shell Shock. We've
been going strong ever since.

Favorite Bands:

Steely Dan
Van Halen
Leslie West
The Archies
CHARLIE (CHAZMO) MARTIN - Percussion, Vocals

I was born in Kewanee Illinois and started my musical
career at the ripe old age of six by breaking one of my
brothers drum heads on his trap set. I knew right there &
then that this was what  it was all about.
My older brother Craig is mainly responsible for my
wanting to play, and teaching me all the basics about
playing  drums. He was a rock god back in the early 60s.
He played with all the great local bands and I couldn't
get enough of that rock & roll - the lights, the girls, the
excitement. Thanks Bro.
My first band was called the Night Birds when I was ten
years old. I played drums in grammar school, Jr. High &
High school   I worked with lots of local bands doing
session recordings, many that remain undiscovered to
this day. I have the demo tapes on CD, cassette and
even reel to reel!  I've played with more bands than I can
remember, including opening for Savoy Brown .
Currently I enjoy rockin' with Shell Shock . We have a lot
of fun even when we're sober!! My motto ,What I lack in
hair I make up for in talent!

Favorite Bands:

Allman Brothers                        Cream
Delbert McClinton                     Led Zeppelin
Gene Krupa  
                           Alice Cooper
The Beatles                              Miles Davis
Lynyrd Skynyrd                        The Dan Band
The Eagles                               Partidge  Family               
ZZ Top                                      Banana Splits