Chazmo's home page
Here's a few of my favorite things.
My daughter & friends .       This is what
happens when you raise your kids on
rock & roll.
My son doing his infamous Chuck
Berry impersonation.
(You can catch his act at a lounge
near you).
Chazmo plays the blues
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This was taken a few years ago with Kim
Simmonds of Savoy brown - he was  kind enough to
take this picture with me.
What is that saying about the size
of a man's drum set?
My wife Marcia & my children,  Allison & Jarrod.  I love them dearly and owe
them big time for all the years I was at gigs  & rehearsals .
My own private toy store! Everything a boy
needs to have fun!!
This has the makings of a great conga line? Jay looks like he can't wait!
Places to go people to meet .Party's to plan!
Did Somebody Say beat it!!!
Here I am fronting the band with my son backing me up
on drums.  I look a lot like a rock star don't ya
think???                                          NOT!!!