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2006 Party with all of you!!!
Click on the photo below and see if
this what you remember.
This link will take you to our
"Photo Archive Pages"
where you can see photos of both the band
and all of you from past parties!!!!!
(If you dare to remember!)
A special thanks to Mr. Jeff Bell
for many of the great photos that
appear on this site!
Did we mention the pretty girls who were
What a bunch of coconuts!  We love you
both!  (and miss Brian!)
Patty, Jim and you know who....
What a pair.....Twins!
What a bassist!
New hair, I didn't notice
My bud Jim, all the way from CA!!
Steve's "Big One" Party!! Click on the
photo below and see show we
celebrated along with a few other
Birthday Friends.
A great night on the Edge (River's
Edge Lounge)!!!
What a good look'n couple!
The Architectural corner
"They don't really suck that bad."
Looks like a meet n' greet in DC
Great look'n crowd!
Dance the night away!
Great Chef, Rocker, Guitarist & Restaurant Owners!!!! (Cafe Tremolo)
"Hey, where's the stage!!??"